Canivet’s Emerald Hummingbird showing off her beautiful feathers

Kanahau has four resident hummingbirds that I have been putting out feeders for. I started putting the feeders out so that I would be able to get a better photo of these amazing little birds, however they have worked much better than I could have expected. It turns out that sugar water isn’t only popular with intergalactic giant cockroaches dressed as farmers (got to love Men In Black!). The birds have taken to venturing into our rooftop office to check us out as they appear to be particularly curious and I like to think grateful for the treat. Not only is the humming sound (after which the birds are named) very relaxing whilst I work, I’ve managed to get a fair few decent pictures, not easy with a bird who’s wings flap around 50 times per second.


Waiting in line


Resting her wings for a moment


Almost reaching the perfect treat

We wanted to encourage the birds to hang out on the front porch area, so that we could get a cheesy, Snow White inspired welcome upon arrival. This feeder however, seemed to be getting drunk a lot quicker than the other despite there being no new Hummingbirds (it needed refilling once a day as opposed to twice a week like the other). This was quickly depleting our sugar stockpiles!


Full extension of the wings

So one night I went out to play investigator and caught the thieves in the act…


The thieves!


Having a quick taste


Enjoying the sugar water


The Hummingbirds are happy, the Bats are happy, my coffee taste rather unsweetened!

Turns out everybody loves sugar water!

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